Compression Socks

Whether you sit, stand or travel for prolonged time, Sockwell socks with graduated compression will help promote circulation, minimize swelling and reduce fatigue. All our compression socks are made in fashionable colours and patterns.

Sockwell socks with graduated compression

Compression stockings help to prevent medical conditions, to do better in sports and to feel more energetic. The four zones of graduated compression in our socks improve the blood flow and minimizes varicose veins, minimizes swelling in feet and legs by keeping blood from pooling in the foot and reduces fatigue by stabilizing muscles.

Sockwell offers 2 levels of compression: moderate (15-20 mmHg) and firm (20-30 mmHg).

High quality materials

The breathable combination of high performance and luxurious merino wool and rayon from bamboo provides natural odor control, thermoregulation and moisture management.

The merino wool in our Sockwell socks is as fine as cashmere. The fibers (only 19,5 micron) are so fine that the human skin cannot feel them. This prevents the socks from itching. We are proud that we can say that we use “Cashmerino wool” instead of merino wool.

Thanks to the Nylon stretch the socks have a perfect fit, even at times when the foot will swell slightly. Spandex ensures that the socks are extra durable and that the sock always tetains its original shape after wearing.

Seamless toe closure and comfort soles

All Sockwell compression socks have a seamless, non-irritating toe closure. Do you suffer from sensitive feet or skin? While wearing our socks you will not feel seams. For diabetic patients we advise to choose from our collection diabetic friendly sock. These are completely seamless and don’t have compression.

Most of our compression socks are fitted with comfort soles for  extra comfort and cushioning of the foot.

Perfect for everyday lifestyle

The ‘therapeutic’ lifestyle socks are perfect for people with a standing or sitting profession, while travelling by car or airplane, especially during long flights and during pregnancy.

Compression stockings are recommended for:

✓ Prolonged sitting and standing
✓ Flying and travel
✓ Exercise and recovery
✓ Minor to moderate swelling in the feet and ankles
✓ Minor to moderate varicose veins
✓ Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

You will experience that compression socks help you feel better in style.