Diabetic Socks

Sockwell offers a series of relaxed fit socks. These seamless nonbinding socks are diabetic friendly and will protect and pamper your sensitive feet. Our diabetic socks are non-binding, yet have just the right amount of recovery to avoid bunching and shearing.

The relaxed fit series

Sockwell’s relaxed fit series are diabetic socks and socks for people with sensitive feet or a sensitive skin. The protective cushioning disperses pressure without adding bulk and tightness in the shoe. The ultra smooth toe-closure ensures no seam abrasion tot sensitive skin.

Sockwell diabetic socks are crafted from high-performance Merino Wool yarns and rayon from bamboo for a luxurious feel and many advantages. Our signature fiber blend balances durability, environmental friendliness and thermoregulation properties. The socks provide a natural moisture management and odor control.

The merino wool in our Sockwell socks is as fine as cashmere. The fibers (only 19,5 micron) are so fine that the human skin cannot feel them. This prevents the socks from itching. We are proud that we can say that we use “Cashmerino wool” instead of merino wool.