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Sockwell was founded in 2008 by two Americans (Thomas Lee and Jim Markley). Now there is a beautiful company that considers sustainability of paramount importance. We are a modern company. Our innovative and optimistic vein runs through everything we do. We make therapeutic socks with an expression of personal style. The overall use of colour is a harmonious mix of soothing tones combined with trendy colours to support the vibrant air and it ensures our brand feels up to date. Inspired by helping you feel vital and driven by renewable resources (sustainability), we make the right thing for the customer while respecting our planet.


When making the socks, we are not only concerned about you, but also about our planet. At Sockwell, we believe in regional products and raw materials. Local farmers from the different regions supply the wool from their free-grazing sheep and alpacas directly to our weaving mill. Minimising CO2 emissions, obtaining sustainable energy and choosing reusable materials demonstrate that Sockwell is committed to sustainability.

Innovative knitting technology

As true 'yarn architects', we turn socks into technological marvels. Sockwell's seamless socks consist of a unique blend of merino wool or alpaca lambswool, combined with bamboo fibres. The merino wool feels as soft as cashmere and that is why we at Sockwell proudly call the wool Cashmerino wool. Our distinctive blend of antibacterial materials combines our focus on sustainability, natural thermo-regulation, moisture management and pure softness.

Although compression is a spearhead for us, it does not feature in all our socks. The collection of diabetes-friendly socks are pure foot spoilers and guarantee optimal wearing comfort for people with sensitive feet or sensitive skin. This is why the diabetic socks do not have compression, as tight socks have the opposite effect. There is also the Essentials collection. Regular socks, for when you do not need to wear compression socks, but with all the benefits of Sockwell. Think of the unique blend of materials and seams you do not feel. After all, your feet should always feel good. There are socks in many types, styles and sizes. There is a Sockwell for everyone.

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