How the socks work

4-zone compression

Sockwell compression socks are based on a highly innovative knitting technique. The main task of the socks with 4-zone compression is to optimise blood circulation and to drain excess moisture and waste from the legs. In doing so, they contribute to improved oxygen supply to the leg muscles and the body needs less energy to pump blood up from the feet and legs back to the heart. With the 4-zone compression knee socks, pressure is distributed across four zones, decreasing from the ankle up to just below the knee. This stimulates an upward pressure to pump the blood from the lower parts up, back to the heart. This reduces the risk of varicose veins and tired or restless legs. The socks stabilise the muscles of the feet and lower legs, which makes you feel more energetic and improves your vitality.

Heel spur

The heel spur socks give the feet rest and comfort through lending correct support

to the heel plate and Achilles tendon. It relieves the pain of heel spur and speeds up its recovery.

A heel spur sock will reduce heel pain and inhibit inflammation. This is partly due to the firm compression in the foot area of the sock. This prevents the tendon plate from stretching further. An extra thick foot panel helps support the tendon band under the foot.

Comfort sole

An extra thick foot panel in the sock supports the tendon under the foot. So you will always experience maximum comfort on your feet, whether you are sitting still for a long time or standing or walking a lot.

Moisture absorbing

Merino wool and bamboo absorb moisture (sweat) quickly due to their hollow fibre structure, which acts as small straws. The fibres draw moisture from the body to (temporarily) trap them. Due to the body temperature, the moisture evaporates naturally.

Temperature regulating

Merino wool is a natural thermo-regulating fibre that helps to regulate the micro-climate of the human body through moisture absorption.

Odour neutralisation

The outer layer of the wool fibres has a high concentration of fatty acids with antibacterial properties. Acids and sulphurous odours, which make up our body odour, are virtually unable to attach themselves to the wool fibres. So, we can say that our socks are odourless.

Seamless toe panel

The separate toe panel is loosely woven to give the toes room to move freely. The section is knitted without noticeable seams. This is due to a special linking technique, flattening the seams.

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