How to put on your Compression Socks

Putting on graduated compression socks doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, we bet you’ll master the process in one sitting. We recommend trying this first with moderate compression socks and building your way up to firm compression.

1. Hand in heel

Insert your arm into the sock and grab the heel of the sock with your hand.

2. Roll up sock

Grab the end of the sock and fold the sock back until the heel of the sock is visible: the sock is now partially inside out.

3. Foot in sock

Put your foot into the sock and place your heel exactly into the heel of the sock.

4. Roll back and ready!

Roll back the sock over the ankle and calf and enjoy the comfort of Sockwell all day long.

For a demonstration, watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to put on your compression socks.

* * *

Whether you’ve worn knee high compression socks for years or you’re taking a crash course in compression socks 101, learning how to put on compression socks the right way will save you from a lot of stretching, pulling, and wondering why your heel didn’t make it into the heel pocket.

We recommend following the four-step process above when putting on compression socks in knee high or crew height. Micro and quarter compression socks in our Sport Compression line are typically easier to pull on. With the sock right side up (heel pocket pointing down), simply stick your thumbs down both sides of the sock, slide your toes down to the toe pocket, and pull on, ensuring your heel is snuggly situated within the heel pocket. Voilà!

Pro Tip

The Sockwell star is knitted into the back center of each style so you can clearly identify if the sock is straight.

As compression sock experts, we’ve pulled on these socks a time or two (or two hundred). Trust us, we’ve tested this tried and true method in many environments: sitting on hours-long conference calls, in a middle seat in economy during long haul flights, and sitting on a bench next to our snow boots with one hundred other skiers anxiously waiting for the lift to open.

Helping people feel better in style is our mission, but we can’t do it alone. Now that you’re certified (okay, maybe not officially) in the art of putting on compression socks, spread the word! Next time you hear an elderly neighbor or fatigued co-worker say they don’t wear compression socks because they’re too hard to put on, win the day by teaching them our easy four-step method for putting on compression socks.

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