Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sockwell compression stockings work?

During prolonged standing or sitting, or with certain medical conditions, blood and fluids tend to linger in the feet and legs. Gravity and reduced pumping function of the calf muscles affect blood circulation, causing blood to tend to flow back downwards, instead of being carried up to the heart with the blood flow. The veins widen a bit, vein valve performance is affected, and any fluid that remains can actually partially clog a vein. Wearing compression stockings is recommended to counteract these negative effects. Thanks to the pressure exerted by the compression in the stockings, the calf muscle pump is activated, stimulating upward pressure of blood and preventing fluid and waste products from lingering. In short, compression helps optimal performance of the vascular and lymphatic systems in the lower extremities.

What are the benefits of wearing Sockwell compression stockings?

Sockwell compression stockings are made from a unique blend of materials, including bamboo and the finest merino wool that does not itch. This antibacterial combination keeps the socks and feet odour-free, ensures very rapid absorption and drainage of moisture and keeps the feet and legs at a constant temperature, both in winter and summer (cooling effect). A separate knit-in toe panel with seamless transition gives the toes full freedom of movement and a separate knit-in heel panel prevents slipping under the foot during wear. Depending on the sock, there is a thicker-knit foot panel for extra comfort, support and cushioning.

The compression keeps the blood circulation and the discharge of waste and excess moisture optimal. This keeps the feet and legs vital and makes you feel more energetic overall. This reduces or even prevents complaints such as tired, heavy or restless legs, as well as fluid accumulation (oedema), varicose veins and thrombosis. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of muscle pain and injuries and ensure faster recovery after exercise.

In short, Sockwell socks make you feel fitter in style. These unique marvels of knitting technology offer high wearing comfort and help prevent common foot and leg complaints that can be remedied with compression.

Anyone who sits or stands still for long periods of time, plays sports, is on the go, is pregnant or suffers from certain medical conditions such as thrombosis, varicose veins, restless legs, etc. will benefit from wearing Sockwell compression stockings.

What is the difference between moderate and firm compression?

The difference between moderate and firm is the degree of compression in the socks. Moderate compression is our lightest compression class with a 4-zone compression of 15-20 mmHg. Firm compression offers a little more pressure with a 4-zone compression of 20-30 mmHg. That means firm compression stockings are tighter than moderate compression stockings.

How do I put on the compression stockings?

Put your arm into the stocking and grab the stocking with your thumb, index and middle finger by the inside of the heel. Then, while continuing to grip the heel part, pull only the leg part of the stocking inside out. The foot panel should now be hidden in the leg section. Now pull the foot section over your foot first. Makes sure the stocking surrounds your foot well, the toe section snugly around your toes, and place your heel in the right place. Now grab the cuff and very gently pull the leg section up to the knee, until the stockings sit around your leg without creases. Gently correct the sock in places where the fit is not yet optimal and make sure that the Sockwell cross at the back is positioned neatly on your calf.

You will also find the instructions with examples here.

Can I wear the Sockwell compression stockings all day?

Sockwell compression stockings and socks may be worn at any time. If you always wear them during the day, we recommend not wearing them in bed at night.

Can women wear men's socks and vice versa?

Men's socks are knitted wider at the foot than women's socks, because women's feet are generally narrower than men's. Also, the ladies socks are available from size 35, while the men's socks continue up to size 47, some models even up to size 50. However, the effect of the compression and the construction of the sock are basically the same. Provided the fit is right, it is no problem for a woman to wear the men's socks or vice versa.

Are my compression socks too tight?

Is this your first time wearing compression stockings? Then it's very possible that you feel the socks are way too tight (at first). Feeling your socks are not as comfortable the first few times is quite normal. Wearing compression stockings takes some getting used to.

Let it be clear that compression stockings are designed to be a little tighter. This is the compression in the socks that applies pressure to the legs. So it makes sense that they feel tighter than normal socks.

Compression stockings are made to be tighter, as this stimulates optimal blood circulation and prevents moisture from building up in the feet and lower legs. The compression in the Sockwell socks is divided into four zones, with the pressure gradually decreasing from the ankle towards the knee. The sock is tighter at the ankles than just below the knee. It is precisely this technique of the sock that helps prevent the complaints.

So give yourself some time to get used to the socks. After wearing compression stockings for a few days, you will notice that they no longer feel too tight.

I have big calves. Will I fit in?

The compression stockings have a maximum circumference of about 55 centimetres. For wider calves, we have included the Full Floral and Full Twist compression stocking for ladies in our range. These have a maximum circumference of about 60 centimetres.

Do the socks stay in shape after washing?

Yes, the socks are made of durable materials. The materials used are wear-resistant and do not deform after multiple washings. Wash the socks inside out on a normal cycle at a maximum of 30 °C. We recommend air drying - don’t put them in the tumble dryer.

Thanks to the wool and bamboo in the socks, you can easily wear them three times without the socks starting to smell. So they don't need to be washed after every time you wear them.

I have no medical conditions, can I just wear the compression stockings?

Yes, Sockwell compression stockings are suitable for everyone. Even if you don't have foot or leg problems or any other medical reason to wear compression stockings, Sockwell's compression stockings have many benefits for healthy people as well. Think about preventing swollen feet and restless legs during a long flight, sitting down or standing still for a long time.

We also only offer moderate- and firm compression stockings that do not require a medical certificate from a physician. Everything you want to know before you buy can be read on the category page listing all our compression stockings.

When should I wear the Sockwell sports socks?

Wear the sports socks to support performance during training and matches. In addition, the sports socks promote recovery after exercise. It’s best to wear them for at least an hour after sports.

All the advantages of Sockwell sports socks are listed on the category page of the sports socks.

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